Local Artisan

Creating jobs for members of the community

Community water well

Bringing clean water and raising over all standard of living in the village of Wakisi

Mashah Children's Village

Fostering a safe and healthy home environment for the orphaned and vulnerable

Elevare School Ceremony

Providing an opportunity of an affordable and good education to the local community

From the moment we set foot on this property we were overwhelmed by its natural beauty, but even more taken back by the lovely people in this village of Wakisi, Uganda. It was in our hearts to build something for all people to enjoy the natural beauty of this lush property on the Nile River and to build with the purpose of helping the community of Wakisi. 

Some of the first projects we undertook was bringing electricity, roads, and clean water to the community. After that was completed we built our Mashah Children's Village to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Wakisi, and the surrounding area. We next built Elevare Elementary School for the orphans and children in the village and local area.  Our latest project has been our “Jewel of The Nile” River Bend Resort.

The River Bend Resort is our first stage in self sufficiency for all of our community and compassion projects. All proceeds of River Bend Resort go directly to support and grow our Mashah Children’s Village and other compassion projects that directly impact the village of Wakisi.


Enjoy your stay at our resort and know that your time here has a purpose that endures long after you are gone.


Thanks for staying with us!


Loren Hill


Sal Sberna



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